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We specialise in generating publicity and visibility for industrial clients. You might have the most innovative technology or the best product, but without visibility, sales can end up lacking. Whyte PR will work to get your name out there.


We understand how to drive B2B and B2C campaigns with a focus on bottom-line sales and branding, successfully targeting key publications and media personalities to achieve positive publicity for you.


We are a full-service communications and marketing organisation of talented and proven field-experts to effectively fulfil strategic goals and client objectives, producing successful advertising and promotional material.

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Change is inevitable. Your progress is optional.

By Brent Whyte, Managing Director, Whyte Public Relations

Never has this axiom been more relevant than in the emerging Post-Covid era, when Australian industry will be reshaped by tectonic events. Supply chains will change, automate and truncate to become rapidly more responsive. The way we work, communicate and engineer the future will be reshaped. The degree to which countries must be more self-sufficient in key areas will emerge as a national priority. Health, energy, infrastructure, defence, flexible manufacturing, construction, sustainability will all be at the forefront of change.

Are you paying for PR and then writing it yourself? Is your company invisible?

In our local and global experience over many years it is surprising how often this happens. Particularly in technical, industry and business-to-business PR.

Often the cause can be traced back to the selection process, when a PR company that looked really good on paper, and presented brilliantly, just didn’t have the skills required to do the hard yards in the industry involved.

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