Konecranes meets challenges of maintaining mature crane stock for Xstrata in Abbot Point salt air environment

Overhead cranes at the terminal operated by Abbot Point BulkCoal

The work provided by Konecranes includes quarterly inspections, remedial work and certifications on 27 overhead cranes of a number of makes and types at the terminal. The terminal is operated by Abbot Point BulkCoal, a subsidiary of Xstrata. Terminal One was recently expanded to a capacity of 50 million tonnes a year.

“It’s a tribute to the trust enjoyed by Konecranes among our customers, both new and established, that we were able to secure this work,” said Geoff Malone, Townsville and Mount Isa Service Manager for Konecranes.

The cranes being serviced at Abbot Point include shiploaders, transfer conveyors and other bulk handling equipment employed on loading coal produced by Xstrata, which is one of the world’s largest mining and metals companies, operating in more than 20 countries.

Duncan Robertson, Maintenance Planner for Xstrata Abbot Point, said: “Every three months, Konecranes inspect our cranes and give us a defect report. We then organise repair of the defects, which can take up to a week with the Konecranes maintenance crew on site.”

Overhead cranes at the terminal operated by Abbot Point BulkCoal

Abbot Point is two hours’ drive from Townsville, so Konecranes technicians base themselves in nearby Bowen while completing the work.

“They’ll also come out quickly from Townsville if we have any breakdowns,” Mr Robertson said.

“There are particular maintenance challenges in our location, which is on the ocean. The salty air can corrode the machinery. Also, most of our cranes have been in place for 20 plus years, so we can realistically expect more maintenance to be required.”

He said that Konecranes was able to supply service parts for a variety of crane types and brands and knew how to work on them. “We would recommend Konecranes to other companies like ours needing crane inspections and maintenance.”

Konecranes maintenance services include:

Compliance – Konecranes will customise a compliance program for lifting equipment to monitor or repair or replace items in accordance with local regulations and laws.

Preventive Maintenance Programs – By scheduling routine repairs, maintenance work and inspections, Konecranes will help to not only prevent equipment safety issues, breakdowns and compliance violations, but prevent component failure. A primary aim is to prevent unnecessary production downtime – saving time and money.

Predictive Maintenance Programs – After scheduling routine repairs and inspections to ensure compliance and preventively maintain equipment, Konecranes analyses and prioritises current and future repair needs. By predicting these needs, companies can reduce unexpected repairs, emergency repair costs and unbudgeted equipment purchases.

Reliability-Based Maintenance Programs – These allow companies to take predictive maintenance to the next level. By using innovative maintenance software, Konecranes can track the history of equipment. This lets them establish breakdown and equipment failure patterns and allows them to modify or upgrade existing components – increasing production uptime and the overall life cycle of the crane.

Full Maintenance Agreements – Whether a company has a ¼ ton hoist or hundreds of cranes, Konecranes offers full maintenance agreements that allow companies to have a fully managed staff ready to take care of complete crane equipment and maintenance needs.

Many Konecranes customers enjoy the flexibility of controlling manpower levels and reducing technical and managerial costs – all the while dramatically increasing productivity. Konecranes highly trained technicians and inspectors have the knowledge and tools available to take care of all your crane needs, allowing you to concentrate your time and manpower on production.

Konecranes’ service network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, servicing all makes of cranes.

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