Metal detection just got smarter and more accurate

Thermo Scientific's Intellitrack XR (IXR)

There has been a breakthrough in signal processing technology that enables detection of smaller-diameter metals in products – without creating unwanted false rejects – than ever before.

Thermo Scientific’s Intellitrack XR (IXR) software affords the highest level of protection for manufacturers and consumers, and is now a standard feature on its family of APEX metal detectors, which are sold and serviced in Australasia through JL Lennard.

The innovative technology can detect metal contaminants that are up to 50% smaller than traditional phasing methods. IXR is particularly effective in detecting metal in discrete moist products which change over time, such as bread, meat and cheese.

An innovative signal cancellation approach lies at the heart of the technology.

The intelligent IXR learns and cancels the X (reactive) and R (resistive) product signals, leaving only the metal contaminant to be detected. To assure high-performance over time, IXR tracks these product signals by adjusting product cancellation on the fly. This dual channel (X and R) cancellation approach eliminates the risk of phasing out a foreign metal object and having it go undetected. It also eliminates the possibility of false rejects.

Tony DiNallo, General Manager of Packaging Equipment for JL Lennard Pty Ltd, says IXR is a major advancement in metal detection signal processing technology.

IXR is an entirely new method that offers significantly better results for previously difficult to handle products and, ultimately, helps ensure that consumers are receiving uncontaminated products,” Mr DiNallo said.

Thermo Scientific is a US$13-Billion company based out of Minneapolis with manufacturing sites in the USA, Italy and Shanghai. Its product inspection range includes Metal Detectors, Checkweighers, X-ray inspection and Guided Microwave Spectroscopy to suit the pharmaceutical, beverage and food industries.

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