Partnership with Indonesia Power provides vital crane maintenance to secure megacity electricity supply

PT Indonesia Power's UBP Priok generating plant

Producing a third of the electricity needs of one of the Asia-Pacific’s biggest cities, PT Indonesia Power’s UBP Priok generating plant is totally focussed on maintaining reliable power with minimised downtime.

“We prize reliability because any day out would be very expensive for us – even short times. This is because we are not only selling electricity, but also we are selling availability of supply,” says UBP Priok Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Mr Buyung Arianto.

Mr Buyung’s responsibilities include nine gantry Konecranes in capacities from 3-85 tons that are vital to UBP Priok’s six gas and two steam in-parallel generators, which produce  1.248 MW  of electricity – equivalent to about 35 per cent of the electricity needed by this rapidly  growing city of nearly 10 million people. 

“Our Konecranes are vital for routine maintenance and periodic inspections of our plant, as well as replacement of parts,” said Mr Buyung. The cranes are integral to the energy production process, being used for everything from lifting turbines and rotors for periodic maintenance, to day-to-day service of diverse, heavy, delicate and expensive workpieces.  

“To avoid downtime, we need speedy access to crane maintenance expertise to keep the cranes operating in peak condition – as well as quick access to parts where these are needed,” said Mr Buyung, who works with a team of Konecranes maintenance staff from Konecranes Jakarta Head Office for Indonesia.

The Jakarta office – and a branch office serving Indonesia power in the major Javanese city of Surabaya – is part of Konecranes’ Asia-Pacific and worldwide sales and service network that has more than 373,000 cranes of all makes under service contract globally.

The Konecranes XL models used at UBD Priok since 1993 include:

  • 80-85 ton gantry cranes, used to lift turbine rotors for maintenance and overhaul
  • 20 ton models, used to lift combustion units for inspection and maintenance
  • 3 ton gantry types, used to lift generator bearings and also for inspection and maintenance

“We are very satisfied with the levels of service we have had over the term of the latest five-year service contract with Konecranes. If we call them, we get response within around 30 minutes,” said Mr Buyung .

“They know their cranes best, but they also work well with our process and production people in partnership, and understand our methods.

“We prefer to deal with the OEM because they have best access to parts and expertise, which are important to maintaining uptime.”

Generating plant at UBP Priok
Generating plant at UBP Priok

Konecranes staff team, directed by Jakarta Head office Operations Manager Ir Ferry Sutaryadi, is responsible not only for routine maintenance and safety issues, but also three-monthly inspections to comply with workplace OHS regulations.

“Konecranes people understand the processes and compliance required by their customers – they know what we need. Their standard of work is always good and we get  good response.”

 Konecranes South-East Asia Regional Director Steve Gagnuss says Konecranes Indonesia’s local expertise is backed by the same high world standards of safety, reliability and efficiency that it applies to all other crane users across Asia and across the globe.

“Konecranes deals continuously with some of the world’s leading electricity generators, and operates within their specialist environments. “With the price of energy escalating throughout Asia, the benefits of being online continuously are priceless – and there is just no substitute for having experienced local staff available 24 hours, backed by a regional and global leader in the field,” said Mr Gagnuss.

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