Red Stag still buzzing after ANZAC heart transplant maintains high production during multi-million upgrade

The Australasian Bonfiglioli industrial motors and drives team recently combined with New Zealand’s largest sawmiller, Red Stag Timber, to show true ANZAC spirit, keeping its old mill thriving while a new $NZ120 million super mill is built to serve major housing and manufacturing markets.

Bonfiglioli designed and assembled a compact and powerful custom-engineered HDP 150 drive specified by Red Stag in consultation with Bonfiglioli New Zealand Sales Manager, Mr Paul Savage.

The engineering team at the Red Stag mill near Rotorua slotted their rugged new generation HDP design into log carriage drive space occupied by the old carriage drive, which was losing efficiency and reliability and the vital plant was being run at much less than its original capacity.

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Trans-Tasman co-operation keeps the heart of industry buzzing as this Australian Engineered drive from Bonfiglioli New Zealand was installed in New Zealand’s largest sawmilling operation

“It is a critical drive,” said Mr Savage. “Without it the mill comes to a complete stop and the cost of downtime is substantial. This particular mill is New Zealand’s largest sawmill, with a lot of customers depending on it for high-quality timber products for the residential construction markets in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands,” he said. Red Stag produces framing timber for construction, non-structural timber for interior and exterior finishing, outdoor landscaping timber for fences, decks, and retaining walls, and furniture and packaging grades for manufacturers of timber products.

“Delivery was critical as the window given to complete the installation was tight. With downtime out of the question, airfreight was requested. Bonfiglioli’s Design Service Centre (DSC) in Sydney worked rapidly to complete drawings for the custom build. The unit was assembled and shipped, meeting the tight delivery schedule, which is a huge credit to Bonfiglioli team,” said Mr Savage.

Consisting of two sawmill lines, with associated timber processing operations for kiln drying, planning, treating and remanufacturing, Red Stag Timber currently produces over 450,000m3 of Radiata Pine and Douglas-fir lumber per annum and employs over 300 people.

The drive installed at Red Stag was manufactured with a special extended output shaft of 926mm to accommodate the large winch drum. The unit, which produces 400 installed horse power, has a 10:1 gear ratio and a mechanical rating of 1587 kW (at 1500 rpm). It comes with a cooling fan on its high speed input shaft, for optimum performance and reliability.

Bonfiglioli HDP 150 drives are engineered for challenging applications, such as a saw mill which experiences high levels of stop start operation, directional changes and shock loading.

“To cope with extreme applications like this, our drives need to be robust, durable and reliable. Not only does the new drive meet all these criteria, but it is more powerful than the drive it was replacing while remaining dimensionally favourable and with a superior mechanical rating compared with modern alternatives,” he said.

“Everything has gone to plan and Red Stag is impressed with the unit that has been running perfectly since installation,’ said Mr Savage. “

Bonfiglioli HD Series drives

Bonfiglioli’s HD Series drives are particularly suited for compact, heavy duty applications such as conveyors and feeders on major materials handling, resources plant and quarries.

Bonfiglioli HD drives – assembled in Australia from sizes HDO and HDP 100-160 – offer outstanding torque per dollar, high casing strength, long-life bearing technology and quieter, trouble-free operation.

The HDO130 produces torque of up to 69,500 Nm. Also available is the range-topping HDO 180 – with outputs of 194,000 Nm torque – which is used for major installations requiring high performance combined with flexible mounting options to meet specific application requirements.

Durability and versatility is further enhanced by options such as fan cooling coil cooling, independent cooling systems and optional features such as non-contacting seals, forced lubrication, temperature and oil level sensors and drywell for vertical shaft installations.

The HD series is a totally new modular design from the ground up, which produces outstanding reliability and torque densities to record values.

Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia) Pty Ltd is part of the international Bonfiglioli group, with 2500 employees worldwide. The full Australian branch is part of a global network of 14 full branches and eight production plants supported by nearly 80 national distributors and an Australasian network of distributors complemented by offices in Australian States and New Zealand.

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