Safety you can bank on with KEB’s new IsoSafe switchboard technology

The KEB IsoSafe Distribution Board

New power distribution technology has been introduced by K.E. Brown that cost-efficiently enhances the safety of maintenance staff while helping to prevent expensive production and data processing interruptions for businesses and public facilities.

The KEB IsoSafe Distribution Board enables individual circuits to be safely isolated from the main system in accordance with the latest AS/NZ 3000 – 2007 standards without affecting other circuits governing functions such as data processing, automation equipment, process control and essential services.

K.E. Brown Operations Manager Mr Peter Silsby says the technology is particularly important to companies where minimizing downtime is vital. These include banks, data centres, hospitals, telecommunication companies, manufacturing plants and any commercial or industrial company where continuity of supply is critical.

IsoSafe technology – which cost-efficiently complements K.E. Brown’s PowerSafe technology – means companies and organisations do not have to close down an entire switchboard involving scores of circuits when they want to work on only one circuit, to add, inspect, change or replace equipment.

IsoSafe achieves worker protection and flexibility by using a Schneider Electric Isobar chassis that enables maintenance staff to disconnect and reconnect particular functions without disrupting the entire network.

Another KEB IsoSafe safety feature is the disconnectable neutral terminal, which allows the operator to isolate the active and neutral when working on an individual circuit. KEB IsoSafe is available in sizes ranging from from 12 to 72 poles and can be fitted with Schneider Electric RCD circuit breakers

KEB IsoSafe systems include:

  • Isobar chassis
  • Main circuit breaker or isolator
  • Circuit breaker terminal covers
  • Numbered neutral and earth connections located directly opposite each circuit breaker.

The distribution board also incorporates a unique cable management system that allows complete open access to cables while retaining them in a neat and tidy group.

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